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5 Oct, 2010  |  Written by  |  under My Software

Finally, after hard work on my side and many many tests
– but I made a lot of money in the meantime 😉 –
I’m going to release the version 3 of BlogHatter.

My customers we”ll receive the upgrade for f’ree!
So, if you still don’t have a copy of BlogHatter,
purchase it before I’ll raise the price.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of
The Best Spinner.  It’s the John Leger’s tool that makes it super-easy
to rewrite your content. John has released his API so I was able to
include thebestspinner functionalities into BlogHatter. You’ll be
able to rewrite your articles with just one click.
If you don’t have TheBestSpinner, don’t worry
I had a joint venture with John, so I’m able to offer it to you at the special
price of $44.00 per year (instead of $7.00 first week + $77 per year)
After you purchase BlogHatter, I’ll give you a special link for the DISCOUNT:

See the preview video of BlogHatter including TheBestSpinner API here:


2) Improved Replacement Tool
The Replacement Tool has been improved. It includes now, in addition to TheBestSpinner api,
also a Remover Tool (to remove words, sentences, text, links, images from the posts)
See the Remover preview:


More, the tool includes also an adder


3) Automatic WordPress configuration
You don’t need to type the strange Host and Page parameters
when configuring your WP blog: just type your blog url and
BlogHatter will do the rest!

4) Automatically uploads images to WP blogs
As you know, BlogHatter can automatically upload your images
to your blog by using ftp. In version 3, for WordPress blogs,
BlogHatter will automatically upload images to your blog
WITHOUT configuring the ftp settings!

5) Many Bugs solved
I have corrected many bugs of the software making it more
stable and faster then ever!

6) Professional Black Hat Plugins

First, this is not an update but a new improvement. It will
have an additional cost if you want to get it.
This is another (AMAZING) story that I’ll tell you in
another post 😉

That’s all for now. I know the question that is rolling in
your mind now is:

** WHEN the new version will be released? **

ANSWER: It will be released before the end of this month (October 2010)

*** EDIT **

BlogHatter v3 has been released on November, 4th 2010

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