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youtube rainmaker 

In this post I would like to review the Youtube Rainmaker program.

Have you ever wonder how to make money using Youtube?
Youtube is the most viewed video site in the world.
Millions of people watch a video on youtube everyday.
The question is: how to make money using this awesome potential
traffic machine?

Patric Chan has the answer for you. Who is Patric Chan. I could
speak about him for hours. Anyway, I just want to point out you
this event: he was able to demonstrated LIVE how he’s generated USD $36,316.65 on real
time in 3 short days. This has been shown on the seminar stage by selling
digital products in front of over 200 live seminar audiences by just
using EMAILS and WEBPAGES as the marketing tools! Could you trust someone like him?

The Youtube Rainmaker is one of the best course about
turning your video to become a masterpiece and then using it to
generate thousands of visitors, making money online and turning
you into an authority figure. This could be your complete roadmap to get
started on leveraging Youtube.com for your business!

In the package, they are also including 3 special bonuses to help
speed up the success rate of you. Combining these bonuses and their awesome
24/7 email support with their complete step-by
-step training materials, The YouTube Rainmaker is definitely a
high value program for anyone that you MUST have!

Click Here

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traffic fortune review I just heard about this brand new facebook marketing trick named “Traffic Fortune” from Frank Parker.

This is the new wave of marketing and it’s most automated free marketing method on Facebook…
I messed around with it for about an hour yesterday and I’ve already made 120 bucks.
What I have done? Well I’ve just followed a video tutorial that explains exactly
what to do in order to make money just by using facebook.

There are several real stories of people making money using this method
This guy made $67,504 from it in 30 days… see the video proof at this link 

This will help to explain why you’re getting the wrong stuff:

It’s brand new. It’s free. And it’s rockin’ the marketing community.
Upgrade your facebook status to ultra rich with this new automated marketing software. Turns out his is making a killing with this new automated marketing software – doing the same things he already does on Facebook.

Check it out and let me know what you think, ok?

How many times have you tried to earn commissions online, but failed? Unfortunately, you’re not alone… 9 out of
10 people spend more than they’ll ever earn… But today, I have some GREAT NEWS for you:

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for… And the EXACT way you will start profiting
online starting… NOW

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Have you ever thought that you can use your DOC or PDF ebooks to estract articles? Then just load them into one software like BlogHatter and voilà!

Well, some time ago, I have red a post on the warrior forum about a clever way to create plr articles. The method was really simple: purchase (or find :) ) plr ebooks and create articles from the paragraphs within the ebook. Bingo! Of course this is awesome but also tedious: I was “extracting” by multiple copy&paste articles from plr ebooks and then put them into BlogHatter. Of course, I’m a software developer so the idea was: why not trying to automate this process? And then I created PLR Extractor for my personal use.

Watch this video that shows how it works

 I have made a big package which includes PLR Extractor with Master Resell Rights, 99 ebooks with PLR rights.

Grab it before it’s too late :)

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Article Builder is the new tool of Jon Leger for building PLR articles in minutes!
That is a really amazing software and sorry, no discount is available for it :)

Article Builder exposes a set of APIs that allows other external software to integrate its functionality. As I did for TheBestSpinner, I have integrated those APIs into BlogHatter and you can watch a preview of how it works in the video below:

It’s amazing, isn’t it?
Once you get Article Builder, just type in your username and password into the replacement tool of BlogHatter and you can start to build hundreds of blog posts in a matter of minutes.

P.S. If you don’t like the automatic way to build articles, you should really try the JiffyArticles tools of Jon. It’s FREE until it’s in beta version. So, Hurry Up! Click Here

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Starting from version 3.3, BlogHatter fully supports BackLinksIndexer.com for wordpress self hosted blogs.


The following steps shows how configure BackLinksIndexer into BlogHatter:

Install the following plugin on your wordpress blog

Ping Optimizer


Then, start the process to configure BlogHatter.

1) First, you need and account at BackLinkIndexer. If you don’t have one, Click Here

2) Once you have an account, login and open your dashboard. You need to click on the View API link


3) Now copy the API key as shown in the image below


4) Now open BlogHatter and configure (or re-configure a new WordPress by Remote Control blog). Follow the steps and when you reach the Ping Settings paste the API key in the field as shown below


I suggest you to click on the Verify button and check that everything is ok.

That’s all. Now when you make a post, your wordpress blog will automatically put the permalink of the post into the backlinksindexer dashboard. The same concept apply for scheduled post: when (and only when) the post will go live, the link will be sent to backlinks indexer.


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I have to say that one of the most recurring question that I receive at
my support desk is:

How do you rank a web site in Google or in any search Engine?

Well, the process is not difficult at all :)
Google has told us several times. Even if its full algorithm is top SECRET
we all know that ranking of a website is affected by incoming links and how
those incoming links are built over the time.

So, if you want to get ranked high in Google just do this:

1. Build many links to your web site from other websites
2. Make sure those links are built slowly over time, so that they appear “natural.”
3. Make sure those links get indexed by Google.

If you can do the above three steps, you are ready to get top ranking in Google.
Of course, the more competition there is for your keyword, the more links you
have to build.

How to build those backlinks? Again, the process is simple.
Find sites that can accepts your backlinking (free blogs, website 2.0 etc…),
create accounts on these websites, post your (unique/spinned) content containing your backlinks,
make sure that your posts got indexed. Do this job over the time, few links a day.
Rinse and repeat.

Wow, this is a ton of work if you have to do it manually!
But, guess what?
Something very BIG is about to happen!
There is a software that can do all the process for you AUTOMATICALLY!

You can’t even image how fast it is.
This is really a DREAM software. When I have seen it, I said:
“Wow, this is the kind of software I have ever dreamed of about backlinking”

This dream will become reality really soon.

So, go here, watch the video and subscribe:

Click Here

I have a large network of autoblogs, and I have done till now backlinking using different
tools. But this new one is really different. A friend of mine was selected to be
a beta tester, I’ve seen it in action and it is awesome!

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HOT NEWS: I was able to get a special discount coupon for Instant Article Wizard 3:
You can get it at $47 yearly instead of $7+$77 yearly!

Writing article is really difficult thing for me. I’m not English, and I have been tried several times to write some good content without any success. But the language is not my sole problem: my writing skill is very poor.  Article writing is the most important part in article marketing (and SEO in generally). It is a solid and a practical way of promoting a website or product with a low budget. If you can write, you can post your article to several ezine articles sites, you can write great blog posts, great salespage etc…

What if you (like me) are not good at writing?

Click here to download Instant Article Wizard for free beta

A new article writing tool has emerged on the internet marketing in the past year.  Instant Article Wizard was an articles writing software released by Jonathan Leger, the creator of The Best Spinner. It was a great tool for researching and writing great content in minutes.

Now Jon Leger is working on version 3 of his powerful tool. With Instant Article Wizard 3 you have only to put few keywords in the tool and it will search on google all the relevant sentences.  You have just to make few clicks and your article will be ready. To avoid duplicates, Instant Article Wizard 3 includes The Best Spinner technology that allow you to rewrite the content in few seconds.

The best part is that the tool is now in beta testing and you can download and use it for free

Click here to download Instant Article Wizard 3 for free

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Few days ago, Jonathan Leger from thebestspinner.com has release it’s software API. What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface, that is a set of functionality that a software offers to other softwares for communicating each other. In other words, TheBestSpinner now offers an interface that other softwares can use to communicate with it.

BlogHatter 3 (released on November, 4th 2010) is one of the first software that can use thebestspinner api.
If you want to see how it works, just take a look at this video:

thebestspinner api

If you don’t have the best spinner, click here to know how to get it for a discount

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I love blogs and autoblogging :)
So I decided to start a new blog talking about blogging and autoblogging


Here is the link of the blog: http://autoblogging-poster.blogspot.com


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Hi all,

this is my first post in my new website. I have great plans for Marketi$oft.com…

Here you’ll find all the support and the new (awesome) softwares I have developed and I’m developing.

First of all, for support on the previous softwares (CraigsAgent and Pdf Pop Up Pro) join the forum here.

Stay tuned for the next awesome announcements :)

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